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From the drama of Skye and the Black Cuillin to the River Wye slipping imperceptibly past Hereford Cathedral, we have almost everything except deserts.  (But give Global Warming a chance and we may have that to look forward to too…)

British landscapes range from coastal sand dunes through to - if not the highest mountains - then wonderfully remote places celebrated by classics of modern literature such as 'The Living Mountain' (Nan Shepherd on the Cairngorm plateau) and 'The Peregrine', J A Baker's obsessive bird-watching (almost bird-stalking of that specific raptor) book about his addiction in Essex.

As David Hockney observed, photographs (even paintings, to some extent) cannot capture distance.  You can stand on one side of the Grand Canyon and be gobsmacked by the reality, but take a photograph and all you see is the other side.  No sense of the distance across: not its height, the width nor even the huge sense of space stretching down and away from your feet, right there on the edge…

Where do I get this feeling in the UK?  Well, maybe approaching the head of High Cup Nick or, perhaps, gazing south-east over Llyn y Fan Fach, in the Brecon Beacons.

Below, some slideshows featuring various aspects of the wilder spaces in these islands…


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