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old liverpool Since we started with Liverpool, I thought I'd give pride of place to Ireland, Scotland and Wales here.  (I know: Ireland isn't but I am apolitical and have not yet visited Northern Ireland - so that's the reality…

I love the music, the people - the almost Mediterranean attitude to life (if you can forget the bloody weather…) and yes, the importance of religion in the day-to-day.  Not for me of course but, being an atheist, I'm naturally tolerant!

I stand ready to change the header to inlude Scotland and Wales in a potentially dis-United Kingdom, but being a walker at heart my affinities are with the Highlands, Snowdonia and the Slieve Mish after (of course!) the Lake District fells.

Those areas - and more of the riverine lowlands too - will get their chance in the landscape pages above.
Here we can celebrate the buildings of these islands.  London might get a look-in with people, rather than the over-photographed clichés everyone is so familiar with…

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