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Until I have some of my own books for sale (coming soon...), here are a few recommendations - in no particular order.

No links, as wherever you are in the world you will know best how to source books, & I'm not (yet, anyway...) a bookseller.

book'Alias Johnny Stiletto' has produced two books with witty, wry comments on his subjects, in & around London in the '70s & '80s

bookThe 'Banksy with a camera' (as The Grauniad mysteriously styled him) worked in London's adland and just carried a camera everywhere he went...

bookThe book that started my interest: A Day Off by Tony Ray Jones, published, sadly, posthumously...

bookAny of Eve Arnold's books is good, though publishers still pack out the 'Marilyn' ones to the exclusion of better fare.

bookA trio of Martin Parr books, from a very large collection.
Somehow, a bit like Ricky Gervais with a camera, you never know quite what to make of his images.

bookOr, more accurately, you never quite know what he makes of his images...


bookA Chilean photographer who died in 2012, Sergio Larrain withdrew from photography after scarcely more than ten years activity.

bookAn accidentally caught set of images led, indirectly, to the making of the film 'Blow Up' by Antonioni.

Wot - no Cartier-Bresson?  Well you don't need me to suggest his books, surely...
However,  Images à la Sauvette - The Decisive Moment - has been re-published by Steidl, complete with its original Matisse cover and, for further ideas, here are some interesting places to browse:

 Beyond Words   Once a welcome refuge just off Edinburgh's High Street as you wound down through the Old Town towards the Scottish National Gallery, it is now online only, more's the pity.

 The Omnivore   Astonishingly, this wonderful site is still free. It features curated reading lists, reviews & a searchable archive.  Not aimed at photography but important books & shows will be covered.

 Slightly Foxed   Writing of Beyond Words' demise as a physical bricks'n'mortar bookshop made me think of this - another real bookshop closed & gone online, leaving behind only this magazine.  Nothing to do with photography, but if you enjoy reading you will enjoy this.  ('Foxing' is a form of age deterioration peculiar to old books & paper generally - not to mention elderly humans...)

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